Dip Powder

Step 1: Buff, clean & sanitize nails

Step 2: Cut & file nails to desired shape, push back cuticles & trim if needed

Step 3: Gently roughen the entire nail bed with a nail buffer to remove the excess  cuticle and shine from the nail bed

Step 4: Remove dust with brush

Step 5: Gently shake powder jar to loosen powder from settling & open the jar

Step 6: Apply primer to entire nail bed (optional)

Step 7: Apply a thin coat of base coat & then dip finger/nail into powder, tap off excess with another finger. Repeat this on each nail, one at a time. You can use a nail brush gently to brush off extra powder on your fingers. Make sure to wait a few seconds after dipping, before brushing dust away 

Step 8:  Repeat step 7

Step 9:  Clean up around cuticle and side of nails (to help with less filing)

Step 10: Apply activator generously to all nails and let dry 1-3 minutes

Step 11: Gently buff nails (entire surface) and file edges if necessary (you want your nails to be smooth no bumps)

Step 12: Wash hands & dry thoroughly 

Step 13: Apply 1-2 coats of top coat to all nails and let dry for 3 minutes. Make sure to seal all free edges with a top coat. 

Note: If you are dipping with glitter powder. Make to do your 2 dips, then make 1 dip with a clear powder, so you don’t file off all your glitter